Feel This​.​.​.

by The Real Feel

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The Real Feel's Debut Album


released February 6, 2010

Produced by Kyle Wareham
Mastered by Joe Lambert


all rights reserved



The Real Feel Philadelphia

Hailing from the City of Brotherly Love, The Real Feel is the next dynamic beast from the East, assembling an impressive lineup of four lifelong musicians and friends to generate an amazing sound effectively fusing rock, funk, and soul which resonates from coast to coast. ... more

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Track Name: Chain
She no 9-5 girl... she works all night, serving up love curbs her appetite.

Never makes it to the bed when she walks in the door, eyes half closed when she falls to the floor.

He's a chained down man don't go nowhere, but lately his girl just don't want to share.

He grinds all day, needs some loving. Got to get away from all the shouting and shoving

Slithering the streets to avoid going back, 'cause he knows that his girl ain't gonna cut him no slack.

So he stops for a drink at the watering hole, "Johnny Walker" calms him down makes him feel in control.

Feels a rub-a-dub-dub right above his boot, and sees a pretty little mama in her hoochie suit.

In just one second, a blink of the eye... he gets a feeling taking over him he's satisfied


You keep, keep tugging on that Chain... gonna break it, you know you're gonna break that thing.

She draws him out the door with a flip of her hair, and that chain down man came without a care.

She got what she wants and he'll be getting what he needs, neither looking for love 'cause they're blinded by greed.

Done the deed... ducking out the back, scurries-hurries on home in his Cadillac

Tells his girl, "had to work late, going to bed" she said, "I saw you at the bar and I saw when you left!

Track Name: All I Need
I got a pocket full of plastic reminding me I'm in too deep,

I got a bed in the basement so I can keep it on the cheap.

I got four bald tires on an off-road 4 wheel drive,

Spinning wheels on a dry road, but you know the girl loves to ride.

I got more than most, too little to boast,

Less than some in comparison...


All I need to get by, can't deny

All I need to get along, keep me strong

All I need, all I need to get by

I got a day time job and you know I got a night time gig,

I got a bank account, but you know it ain't that big.

I got a beat up flat-top always falling outta tune,

I got a good old chair to sit and gaze up at the moon.

Blue skies high, so why look down?

Know I'm doing right with my feet upon the ground.

Track Name: Dirty Love
Tried to tell you brother, she's got a streak that's mean.

Don't take her home to mother, 'cause she ain't squeaky clean.

Thought I told you mister, she ain't hard to please.

Know that when you kiss her, drop straight down to her knees.


She'll light you up, lay you down and spin you 'round.

She'll put you out, make you shout and wear you down.

Didn't come to lecture, didn't want to fight.

Know that when you left her, still had her sleepless nights.



Don't want her Love... don't let her stick to you

Love... get out while you can, don't want her

Love... pain she's gonna put you through

Love... don't know who's been in


I'm trying not to testify, but you make me want to come out with it.

No reason left to justify, but you just can't quit it.

Don't take to long to recognize, when you got it you got to go get it.

Not something you can compomise, so you better forget it... Don't want her love!
Track Name: Willie's Town
Oh Willie, have you taken the time to rewind to remember where we came?

Hey Willie, take a look at your town turn around and you'll see it's not the same.


Spent a long time planning it out, country green dreams couldn't pan out.

It's too late, things are never gonna be the same.

Oh Willie, have you seen all the creeps and the thieves that populate your streets?

Hey Willie, have you seen the deceit? don't retreat we are begging at your feet.



It's all fine if we know we didn't yet cross the line,

It's all good if we know we didn't victimize your neighborhood.

It would be so nice, if you approved of all the hard work and sacrifice,

We know it ain't utopia, but we still call it home.

Track Name: Take it Twice
Been so long since I stepped out this box,

Gonna take that trip from dock to dock.

Set out with the sun rising on the bay,

You know I really wouldn't will it any other way... Hey!


Take it easy, when it's easy, if it's easy take it twice

I'm gonna live my life unto my own liking,

If my thumb can't catch a ride then I'll just keep on hiking.

We can rough it real smooth, if you like it like that.

Ride it coast to coast to turn around and come back.

Track Name: Belong
Sometimes I feel, I've been running 'round too long.

Other times I feel, like standing still gonna do me wrong.


I need a place to call my own, unpack my sack, let down my load... and I'll be alright, I'll be alright

I'm gonna be right back where you planted me, gonna let my roots grow real, real thick.

Don't know too well, that ocean swell... I grew up on this creek.



There ain't no ways that are wrong, just some ways that are long...

and there ain't no shortcuts taken now to figure out where you belong.

These branches are bare, so much they share... so much they know.

No leaves left, on these trees... but there's plenty of room to grow.


Track Name: Pay
Can't you see, that your games aren't fooling me?

Don't you know, the lengths I'm willing to go?

I can tell, that you're gonna put me through hell

Here I am, pick up the pieces and begin to mend... what's left of how you left me


If I make it to a new day, find myself a new way by

I'm not gonna listen to what you say


Someday you'll pay, someday you'll pay for this mess

Someday you'll pay, I'm keeping it close to the vest

Sent me love, then you followed it with a shove

Sent me hate, so my feelings couldn't fluctuate

Shoot me down! The I'm writhing 'round on the ground

Pick me up, then you spit right into my cup... leave me nothing to believe in



Run and hide, let you rot from the inside

Here I go, the beast I'm gonna let it grow

Let it burn! Feel what I'm feeling when it starts to churn

Say goodbye, you'll never get another try... to prove to me you love me


Track Name: Juliet
She works on Tuesday, but Wedneday's just as good.

She says her mother's name is Juliet.

There's lipstick on the counter and footprints where I stood.

I feel the burn but I'm not ready yet.


Someday these cards are gonna fall...

No sense in pretending, there's nothing left to lose.

She ties her shoes out on the pavement.

We're even in the end it don't matter what we choose.

We're stuck in mutual enslavement.



What you gonna go when your plans fall through, and the wall fall down?

What you gonna do when she asks for you and you can't make a sound?

Well you smile and you dream, of something better down stream.

Forget about Tuesday and Wednesday just the same.

Forget about the way that she used to say your name.

That lipsticks on the counter and my footprints are set.

I feel the burn but I'm not ready yet.



Got to make sense of it all...
Track Name: Talk Back
I got a lady, she's always so good to me.

That pretty baby, she's always home waiting for me.


She looks so fine all dressed in black, sing real sweet and only talk back when I... say she should!

My girl, she's as thin as a twig from her head down to her hips.

And she's round at the bottom you know everybody want her 'cause she's coming at ya fully equipped



Give it to me... give it to me... give it to me... give it to me...

My darling, got a leash around my neck.

If I can't get close to you, know I'll be a nervous wreck.


Track Name: Locked Up, Run Down
Back on the street with just a one way token, half a pack of butts if he feels like smoking, yeah

Ain't had a meal that wasn't cooked for the masses, since he got locked up just glad he lasted, yeah


Lost a lot of time, can't waste no more... got to stay on the exterior

Trapped on a ship that drift ashore, but he just ain't playing with no even score


Locked Up, Run Down beat into the ground and he's hoping in the morning that he'll see the sundown.

Shot down, beat up... clean cut, hard up. Gotten all he's getting baby out of this town.

Been so long been locked in the vice, lost hope in human nature more than once or twice, yeah

Not quite sure he could make the cut, he'll be spending quite some time digging out of this rut, yeah



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